American Jewish organizations Reject Netanyahu-Gantz Annexation Plans, Support US Lawmakers Speaking Out

Eight member organizations of the Progressive Israel Network join all those standing up against annexation and for Israeli democracy and Palestinian rights. We welcome the leadership of lawmakers in Congress, who, consistent with the consensus view of the Israeli security establishment, are making clear the tremendous threats that annexation poses to the interests and shared values of both the US and Israel.

Progressive Israel Network Commends Passage of House Resolution 326 Opposing Annexation, Supporting Two-State Solution

As leading progressive pro-Israel organizations in the American Jewish community, we commend the House of Representatives for passing House Resolution 326. This landmark resolution, which reaffirms support for a two-state solution, marks the first time the House has formally opposed unilateral Israeli annexation of the West Bank and asserted longstanding US opposition to settlements.

Top American Jewish Organizations In Letter To Herzog: “Nation-State Bill Would Enshrine Discrimination Into Israel’s Basic Laws”

14 leading American Jewish organizations submitted a letter to Knesset opposition leader Isaac Herzog expressing opposition to the discriminatory “Nation-State Bill,” which is currently advancing in the Knesset. The bill would alter Israel’s constitution-level Basic Law in ways that pose severe risks to minority rights and Israel’s democratic foundation.